Here’s to the Shaker’s and the Dream Chaser’s

My name is Erin and I am an adventurer, a shaker, a thrill seeker and a dream chaser. I spent my early 20’s travelling the world, playing in the Rocky Mountains and partying (probably too hard). I’m also a mom. A young, single, mom. My son, Jack, was born just as I was finishing up my last year of University. He was a very welcome surprise. When he was 2 and I was 27 his dad and I called it quits after 7 very dysfunctional but exciting years. This was a week after I found out that I had been laid off, because the company I was working for was closing its doors. That was a difficult month. Since then it has been a wild ride. It has been 4 years of really hard work, failures, triumphs, self discovery, experimentation, lots of dreaming, lots of planning, and lots of patience.

In the last year I’ve come to a place where I feel solid (maybe for the first time in my life). Jack is getting old enough that I’ve begun to take him on little starter adventures and for the first time in a looooong time I have some disposable income to play with!

This is a place to share some of my stories of being a single mama who is committed to living a life of adventure and discovery. This is a place where I hope to find a community of like minded people; People who are committed to doing their thing and reaching for the stars, no matter what life throws at them. Because as we all know, life is always throwing curve balls!!! Life can be hard. It can be so hard! Sometimes, though, the hardest things in life end up being the most gratifying. As Joe Rogan put’s it (LOVE Joe Rogan!):

“We’ve been fed this line of horse shit that you’re supposed to seek comfort. I don’t think that’s true. I think you’re supposed to seek lessons. You’re supposed to seek difficult tasks and accomplishments and through those things…. you can achieve happiness and fulfillment.”

My life has not been easy. Everything I have, everything I have achieved, I’ve had to fight tooth and nail for. Now in my early 30’s I look back and I’m so proud of my strength and perseverance. Being a single mom has presented me with a lot of challenges but I approach them as opportunities to show the world my ingenuity, my fearlessness and my passion for life!

So here’s to the shakers, to the dream chasers, to the people who are always pushing towards bigger and better things!

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