Give Me It All

There are those days when you need to move. You need to move as though your life depended on it. There are the days when the road pulls to your heart so strongly that it fills you with a longing that cannot be ignored. We must all have days like this? Is it just me? I have a sneaking suspicion that it isn’t.

Some of us will drive, some will run, some will walk. We will all do it to remind ourselves that we are alive and free and that our lives are to a large extent created and crafted by the choices that we make. All of these little choices that create moments that lead up to experiences and ultimately create lives. What a wonderful thing to believe that we are the architects of our lives.

And even if we cannot physically move, we let our minds wander. We daydream and imagine. Imagine   breaking through the trees and climbing up the west facing lime cliffs of the Devils Head Mountain. Of doing a pilgrimage of all the sacred mountains in the Blackfoot Region. Do you know the sacred mountains? I’ll tell you about them.

There is Devils Head Mountain, North and West of Calgary in the Ghost area. It’s that weird mountain. The one that sticks up like a little bump when you’re looking west to the mountains from Calgary. There is Chief Mountain which is South and West of Calgary past the US border. Then there is Crowsnest Mountain down south of Calgary by Blairmore. They are all block shaped mountains in a range of mountains that are sloped to points. They are all unique.

In Blackfoot culture it’s believed that spirits and gods reside at the tops of these mountains, so different than the ones they are surrounded by. These are the mountains where vision quests and rites and sacred ceremonies would take place.

Sometimes when I am having one of these days when I’m crawling out of my skin wanting to move and I am stuck at my desk, I will imagine and dream of the things that I will do when I am not bound. I dream about climbing to the tops of all of the sacred mountains and spreading my arms wide and absorbing the magic they are steeped in. And sometimes the dreaming part is almost as satisfying as the doing part. The research and the planning. The learning about a history of a place before you go there.

I have always craved experience. I am thirsty for this world and everything in it. I want to see as many places as I can see. I want to talk to as many different people as I can talk to. I want to learn as much as I can learn. I want to experience all that I can. I want to be as much as I can.

Give me it all. I’ll take it all. I want to experience it all!

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