If You Just Know Where To Look

Where I live, in Calgary, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Canada, there is so much for those who know where to look. Just an hour drive away. Just a half tank of gas.

There is walking through the lodge pole pines, with each step pounding out your worry and doubt and fear and each breath filling you up with courage and hope and love.

There is sitting beside lakes of aquamarine glacier melt listening to a crow call and feeling like every cell of your body belongs right here, right now.

There is walking off the path and finding a patch of moss by a creek, dappled in sunshine and spending 3 hours lying in it and reading Farley Mowat and eating apples.

There is that good, satisfying, exertion involved in making your way to the summit and the realization of how strong and enduring you can be.

There is getting lost in conversation on the trail, pouring your heart out and having the favour returned and realizing we’re all in this together and everyone only wants feel important and connected and loved.

There is standing at the top of Mount Indefatigable with eyes glowing and teeth clamped shut so your heart doesn’t sale away off into the clear August sky.

There is whisky and campfires surrounded by glowing friendly faces and rehashing the 8 hours of walking and climbing and scrambling it took to arrive at this flickering pocket of light in the darkness.

There is the earth below, holding you up and the sky above, calling you to reach higher and there are those moments when you truly believe you could grab a handful of stars.

There are days spent drinking coffee and pouring over maps and guide books. Head dancing with images of the old rocky friends you will visit, the trees that will whisper secrets, the wind that will twist your hair. Dreaming about the new places you will discover that will make you catch your breath for the beauty and the magic and the pureness that exists in this world. Wishing that you could share it with any person who has forgotten that the world is full of places like this, places that will make you feel whole and happy and alive and like everything will be ok.


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